Play for free in the Decimation Metaverse. Form alliances with players all over the world to save the human race and win the grand prize.


Forge weapons and ammunition. Earth is no longer habitable. Your team must find a way to preserve the human race by getting survivors and embryos off the planet.


Collect valuable NFT assets and tokens during gameplay. Keep, sell, or trade in the Decimation marketplace. Forge, discover, kill, steal and loot to collect. No rules, only survival.



Decimation Earth can be played solo, but it is suggested users form an alliance for the best game play experience. Players can discover, join and form teams in our gameplay forum. Each team recommends different roles such as a General, Major and Lieutenant, for players based on their achievements. These roles are determined by holding a vote. Team member ranks will determine the players ability to control assets, weapons and bases. All team members will remain in control of their own assets at all times. Higher ranking officials are only able to strategize and command. Players can be voted off the team at any time if the majority of team members believe it is just. If a team completes the game objective and wins the grand prize, the winnings will be distributed evenly in BUSD to all team member wallets. Any team members voted off the team 7 days prior to winning will be considered part of the team and collect equal shares of the winnings. All winners are required to KYC.


Military bases can only be bought with the WAR TOKEN (WW3). All bases will be air dropped various game play assets and supplies. Players have the ability to buy, sell, and trade bases and assets on the decimation marketplace. The bigger the base the more assets it contains. All bases can be combined together by team members forming super structures. Single players can also create these multibase structures and sell them in the game. Bases can be conquered and captured by other teams and individual players. Bases can be secured with traps, mazes and more. However no base is impenetrable.


Basic weapons are supplied to players during free play. There are multiple ways that allow players to upgrade their armory. Weapons and ammunition can be forged in military bases and traded or sold in the open market. Larger military bases hosts more forging stations and supplies. When, or if, you run out of forging material, assets such as gun powder or metals can be earned through game play or bought in the market. Materials can be purchased from players using WAR token





Private Sale

Private sale participants will be air dropped platinum passes, giving them access to the first 2 weeks of gameplay before its available to the public. This is crucial to being victorious in the game.


Military bases go on sale 1 week after private sale. All private sale participant's will be airdropped a pass to purchase a base. There is a 5 base limit per pass. This gives private sale supporters the opportunity to own the most lucrative base assets.


The WAR token can be earned and collected in the game and the open market. There are multiple ways to collect and earn tokens during gameplay. All funds from base purchase will be injected into the WAR token liquidity pool. LP tokens will be burnt at launch. WAR token can also be used to purchase assets and materials on the Decimation marketplace.


The first 2 weeks of gameplay is reserved for pass holders only. After the expiration of the 2 weeks game will open to the public.